Distillery of Bonollo


Production 2010: 2.586 bottles of 0,500lt


The Grappa is obtained from the pomace of Merlot grapes used for the production of Casalferro.

Production Method

The grape skins and seeds are distilled in batches using the traditional method “a caldaietta”, characterised by the slow heating of the skins and seeds with steam produced by a special boiler. This method ensures that the distilled product preserves the grape’s original characteristics.

Organoleptic Characteristics

Grappa di Casalferro has a crystal clean colour, a pleasant and vineous bouquet with elegant marmalade tones. The palate, equilibrated and nicely persistent, continues with complex and warm hints of blackberry jam flavors. A medium tulip-shaped glass will enhance the aroma of the distillate. To be served at 17°C.